HFF Leadership

Humanity First Foundation was founded by Dr. Mohd Sujathulah – B.Pharm, Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy) from Hyderabad, India.

His father, Mohammed Sibghat, is a retired school teacher. His parents instilled in him the value of human life from an early age. Living in a joint family, he realized the importance of helping one another. During the early years of his life, he felt the need to serve the poor and needy.

Dr. Sujath’s efforts have been universally recognized!

His urge to serve the hungry started in the year 2016 when he fed the poor with his pocket money. He First fed them Rice and Curry near a Railway Station. When the poor and hungry saw food in his hands, they rushed towards him to satisfy their hunger. He felt immense satisfaction and humility after this experience.

In the past 5 years, he has fed 10+ million meals without missing any single day, weather rain, storm, floods. Covid lockdown too didn’t deter him from carrying on his mission.

People living with comforts hardly realize the pain and suffering of the hungry. However, we observe many people living around us not having sufficient food to lead a healthy life, which is the basic right of an individual being a human.

Dr. Sujath has pledged to carry on this work until his last breath.