Daily Dinner Distribution

We redistribute surplus food to those who are in need of it. Excess food from event, functions & weddings is collected by our volunteers and distributed among people who need it.  The excess food is checked for quality before being distributed.

Often such intimation is given at a late hour and pick up time is also late i.e. after midnight when the event is over. Despite these hurdles, our volunteers arrive at the venue, pack the food in containers and transport it for distribution.

Distribution is done to feed the poor within a few hours after the food is collected, keeping in view the fact that food goes stale soon in India’s hot climate. In some cities, food for the poor is distributed at some fixed point where the homeless, slum-dwellers and needy congregate.

Many orphanages, children’s homes and other NGO organizations do not have facilities to undertake leftover food collection. They are happy to accept the food if it is delivered at their location.

“Unconsumed Excess Food Collected and Fed to the Hungry”