Daily Breakfast to 1000 People

Since 2100 days HFF has been daily organizing Free Breakfast Distribution Program for 600 poor needy patients outside Nilofer hospital Hyderabad. HFF started 2nd Daily Free Breakfast Distribution in Koti Maternity Hospital Hyderabad where 300 patients and hungry people are served. 3rd Free Breakfast Distribution was started at NIMS hospital in Hyderabad for 300 more people. All the 3 hospitals are visited one after the other everyday.

Daily a total of 1000+ hungry and sick people are served breakfast free of cost.

“Feed the hungry” project was initially started by Dr. Sujath as feeding the hungry at night. His urge to serve the hungry started in the year 2016 when he fed the poor with his pocket money. He first fed them Rice and Curry near Secunderabad Railway Station. When the poor and hungry saw food in his hands, they rushed towards him to satisfy their hunger. He felt immense satisfaction and humility after this experience. People living with comforts hardly realize the pain and suffering of the hungry. However, we observe many people living around us not having sufficient food to lead a healthy life, which is the basic right of an individual being a human.

After seeing the success of food distribution at night, he wanted to do something more effective. He consulted people and one of them suggested to start feeding breakfast. After doing a survey of many places, Nilofer Hospital was zeroed in for various reasons. The primary reason for this was the fact that this is a children’s hospital where people visit from distant places, regions in and around Telangana. Treatment in this hospital is provided free of cost.

Eventually the initiative was taken to 3 more government hospitals.