Covid Oxygen Cylinder

HFF visited Hospitals during the covid period and saw that the condition there was horrendous. we saw an asthma patient waiting for oxygen for 45 minutes, and people dying. People were being admitted in hospital for few days and paying bills in lakhs. Those who were able to afford were paying.

What about those who were unable to afford the costs?

With the rise in the patient count, the demand for oxygen cylinders also went high and various agencies started charging a hefty amount. Patients approached HFF and asked if there are any NGOs who are providing oxygen cylinders at lower cost. It is then HFF decided to provide this service free of cost.

We ensure a free supply of 65kgs oxygen cylinders at door step along with pulse oximeters for medically prescribed COVID suspected and positive cases under home isolation care. HFF also provides free refilling of oxygen cylinders with no security deposit.

This way the HFF team has helped 130 COVID-19 patients in home isolation in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

We now regularly provide free oxygen cylinders & concentrators to dialysis patients, lung failure patient and critical care patients.