Extra-Curricular and Social Activities Help Improve Kids


Then you need to expose your child to extracurricular activities.

Nowadays many practices of conventional education system are being challenged. In the conventional system most of the emphasis was placed on academics alone. The children were judged on the basis of their academic performances. However many studies have shown that children who excelled in academic studies but did not have any other skills usually did not lead happy, successful lives when they grew up.

There are a lot of skills which a person needs to have in order to be an important and useful part of the society and be able to lead happy life. New research suggest that, activities like, sports, cookery, martial arts, crafts, fitness exercises, debate, etc, when included in curriculum will unlock the imaginative power of the children’s brain.

For this reason, modern education places a lot of importance on other activities and skills besides academic performance.


A major benefit of extracurricular activities is that it provides a welcome break from the hectic schedule of academic activity & mounting pressure of teachers and parents to score higher grades. This constant pressure and hectic schedule are likely to create feelings of stress and boredom in the child. Engaging in extracurricular activities gives them a much needed breathing space which is essential for their minds and bodies to regain energy.


Undoubtedly in this competitive world your child needs to perform well in academics. However, at the same time, limiting your child only for learning and reading limits their thinking skills. Indulging in extracurricular activities enhance your child’s critical thinking, especially when they are exposed to various challenges and have to find suitable solutions in those situations. Such activities can make your child competitive and sharp.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Indulging your child only in studies can make them shy, timid and lacking in social skills. It is essential to expose them to extracurricular activities, especially those that involves interacting with others or working in a team. This can develop their social skills, confidence, boldness, friendly attitude, team spirit etc. It is important to provide children with opportunities to socialize, make new friends, break social barriers and share healthy bonding with others. We all live in a society with other people, and hence we must have sufficient amount of social skills in order to lead happy and successful lives.


Every child is gifted with some talent or the other, by participating in various extracurricular activities, children can discover their hidden talents. They can then pursue those talents to bring themselves in the limelight and become a star.


As children engage in extracurricular activities their confidence levels will increase. They will learn new things, learn to interact well with others, learn to be part of a team, improve physical fitness, acquire new knowledge and insights. All these experiences can have positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence levels.

Let’s Focus on Our Children’s Personality Development:

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