About Us

Humanity First Foundation was founded by Mohammed Shujatullah. Presently, he is pursuing Pharm D from Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad, India.

His father, Mohammed Sibghatullah Subhani, is a retired school teacher. His parents instilled in him the value of human life from an early age. Living in a joint family, he realized the importance of helping one another. During the early years of his life, he felt the need to serve the poor and needy.

His urge to serve the hungry started in the year 2016 when he fed the poor with his pocket money. He first fed them Rice and Curry near Secunderabad Railway Station. When the poor and hungry saw food in his hands, they rushed towards him to satisfy their hunger. He felt immense satisfaction and humility after this experience.

People living with comforts hardly realize the pain and suffering of the hungry. However, we observe many people living around us not having sufficient food to lead a healthy life, which is the basic right of an individual being a human.


Feeding the hungry irrespective of their caste, race, or religion Creating a culture of charity and generosity towards the poor


Setting an example to the world to come forward and serve humanity by fulfilling their basic necessities that include food, clothing, and shelter.

Our Bank Details

  • Account number: 2007000100463559
  • Account name: Humanity First Foundation
  • Bank: Punjab National Bank
  • Branch: Musheerabad
  • IFSC Code: PUNB0200700

The journey of feeding the hungry continues by distributing food packets around the city with the support of his friends and family.

The second project is serving breakfast at Nilofer Children’s hospital. After seeing the success of food distribution at night, he wanted to do something more effective. He consulted people and one of them suggested to start feeding breakfast. After doing a survey of many places, Nilofer Hospital was zeroed in for various reasons. The primary reason for this was the fact that this is a children’s hospital where people visit from distant places, regions in and around Telangana. Treatment in this hospital is provided free of cost.

However, children are accompanied who are from adverse backgrounds and are unable to afford the expenses of a day’s meal.

The foundation started serving Upma to approximately 150 people around the hospital premises. The number of people being served increased significantly in a few days. The food quantity was gradually increased accordingly. Around 500 to 700 people are being served with Upma each day. All of this is done free of cost and not a single rupee is charged from anyone. Monetary help is provided by friends and family.

The third project is helping people in orphanage and home for the disabled. People in these places are in the ages of 3 to 70 years. Some of them are differently abled and some are mentally challenged. Rather than donating money, we visit these places to feed and distribute the items to fulfil their necessities, such as clothes and grocery (rice, oil, salt, garlic etc.). Children enjoy gifts like toys and chocolates.

The fourth project is conducting medical camps in slum areas. General physicians and dentists visit these areas and conduct basic health and dental checkups. Free medicines are also distributed during these camps. Many people have been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension through such camps.

The fifth project involves distributing blankets to poor people who sleep on footpath during winter. Until now, 500 people have been safeguarded from the harshness of cold climate.

Our Brief History

  • Feb 2016 – Started the free breakfast program
  • Jan 2017 – Started dinner distribution program
  • May 2017 – Started orphanage programs
  • March 2018 – Distribution of ration to poor people
  • April 2018 – Organized first medical camp for free treatment of poor